Relax at Kanchanaburi Resort with a slow-life travel plan

working hard So find a way to relax your mind and body by finding Resort Kanchanaburi beautiful, peaceful, shady The better it is if it’s floating or on the water’s edge. Most importantly, this trip must come with a leisurely travel plan. Want to focus on relaxing the body and mind from exhaustion from work and everyday life Therefore, in this trip we will take you to travel in a slow life in Kanchanaburi.

ideas for choosing Kanchanaburi resort that is good for the heart

Many people already know that. There are so many resorts in Kanchanaburi that it’s hard to choose. Read a lot of reviews but can’t decide. So we would like to share some great tips. In choosing a resort in Kanchanaburi, give an idea as follows.

  • travel time This is very important. If you’re short on time, just one night, a city tour might be easiest. Therefore, choosing a Kanchanaburi resort near the city Easy to travel to, it may be appropriate. But if you have several days, such as 2 nights and 3 days, you can stay in a remote district as well.
  • Choose the zone you want to travel and budget. Many tourists want to come to Kan because they want to sleep by the water or want to come for rafting. So the important choice is Choosing a zone that is adjacent to the river or a water source like the Srinakarin Dam. There are many resorts in Kanchanaburi. Many prices for you to choose from. Whether it’s a popular rafting area like Sai Yok District. Romantic luxury floating accommodation in the high-priced Muang district. Including those who like to relax and want to go to places that are not crowded and focus on nature, such as in Si Sawat District, there are also floating accommodations to choose from as well.
  • Number of passengers and passengers This is considered an important matter because Resort Kanchanaburi. It has many forms. Some resorts are suitable for groups. But while some resorts focus on privacy. There are luxury amenities such as pool villas or bathtubs which may be suitable for couples. So be sure to look at how many people you’re traveling with and who you’re with.

A slow-life travel plan for a trip to Kanchanaburi

When looking for a Kanchanaburi resort , this time let’s go into details for a slow-life travel plan. This plan will focus on traveling at a leisurely pace, not too rushed or too tiring. May focus on relaxing time at the resort mainly Therefore suitable for both people who come as a couple accompanied by the elderly Including traveling solo alone as well In this plan, it will be a trip for 3 days and 2 nights by private car from Bangkok.

day 1

Depart from Bangkok able to travel comfortably but don’t be too late It is recommended to arrive in Kanchanaburi city in the afternoon to check in the accommodation in the afternoon. On the first day, we will mainly focus on traveling in Mueang District.

afternoon excursion

  • giant rain tree It is another landmark created by nature. The large Chamchuri tree is naturally occurring. Located in the area of Animal and Agriculture Division 1, Department of Animal Affairs, Royal Thai Army Recommended to relax and take beautiful photos as a souvenir
  • Karn Machi Cafe Slow life lovers must focus on beautiful and comfortable cafes, which this cafe brings a Japanese atmosphere inside the cafe. Whether it’s a decorative design including various architectural shapes It’s as if you’re on a trip to Japan. Most importantly, there are a variety of coffee, drinks and desserts to help relieve afternoon fatigue as well.
  • Bridge over the River Kwai Let’s end the day with a bridge over the River Kwai. which is considered the last trip for the first day The main advantage of visiting this bridge in the evening is that the weather is comfortable. Not hot and scorched by the sun like in the afternoon In addition, you may wait to see the last light or the sunset at this area as well.

Day 2

  • Travel to Si Sawat District Departure from downtown Kanchanaburi to check-in. Resort Kanchanaburi in the district of Si Sawat to change the atmosphere Recommended resorts will be in the style of floating houses. which is nestled in nature like the LEAF LAKE KAN resort for slow life people to live a fully relaxed life The distance from the city to Si Sawat District is about 80 kilometers or 30 hours.
  • Srinakarin Dam This dam is considered to be the largest rockfill with clay core dam in Thailand. The reservoir area is 419 square kilometers. which is considered very large It is considered a tourist attraction suitable for people with slow life. In addition to admiring the beauty of the dam, the surrounding area also has interesting places to visit such as A music park with a water bladder to bring the force of water to spin the music box And played a royal song like the song “Fon” for people to pass by to relax We can also take a cruise. or rafting over the dam as well
  • Check-in to the accommodation expect a boat trip Including the sightseeing should take up half of the morning. Therefore, for slow-file people, they may want to relax and enjoy the atmosphere in the resort in a chill way. the rest of the day Alternatively, you can also spend the afternoon visiting the magnificent Erawan Waterfall.
  • Erawan Waterfall ( Optional ) This emerald green waterfall is one of the most popular places of all time. It is classified as a large waterfall because it has 7 levels with a distance of approximately 1,500 meters. You can go down and play in the waterfall to cool down.
ลีฟเลคกาญ รีสอร์ท

will visit the Erawan Waterfall Srinakarin Dam at Si Sawat District or even want to relax in a slow, chill lifestyle Introducing a floating accommodation that adds coolness and natural relaxation to LEAF LAKE KAN Resort, Si Sawat District, Kanchanaburi, a floating accommodation that gives you happiness throughout the trip.



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