Ideas for traveling near Kanchanaburi waterfront accommodation

If mentioning the city of Kanchanaburi Most people tend to think about going on vacation. Kanchanaburi waterfront accommodation This opens up new experiences and provides relaxation for you on vacation. In addition, the provincial slogan is ‘Ancient Region, Dan Chedi, Mani Mueang Kan. The bridge over the River Kwai, mineral resources, waterfalls also makes many people want to experience a refreshing tourist destination. because there are rivers and waterfalls Many ancient sites and nature are waiting for you to explore as well. We have great ideas. For a variety of interesting attractions that are close to the water to refresh your heart as well.

Attractions near the river with accommodation in Kanchanaburi by the river

Since Kanchanaburi is the 3rd largest province in Thailand, it has a wide range of areas and topography. Importantly, it is surrounded by many rivers and streams. The important water sources in Kanchanaburi are as follows. Khwae Yai River (Si Sawat River) River Kwai Noi (Sai Yok River), Srinakarin Dam, Phachi River, Suriya River, Khao Laem Lake Tha Thung Na Lake Mae Klong River, Beekly River, Songkalia River, Rantee River, so let’s see what highlighted tourist attractions in the riverside zone and accommodation in Kanchanaburi will have that are suitable for a visit.

Khwae Yai River (Si Sawat River) is another important river that nourishes the western region. The Khwae Yai River will flow down from many provinces. with the source of the river at Thanon Thong Chai mountain range It flows through Umphang District, Tak Province and Thung Yai Naresuan Uthai Thani, which passes through Si Sawat District. and then converges with the Khwae Noi River at the town of Mueang District until it becomes ‘Mae Klong River’ with a length of about 450 kilometers and can hold water up to 14,800 square kilometers ever. Attractions in this area are natural. Rich in moisture and very cool for tourists Therefore, accommodation in Kanchanaburi on the river that flows through the Khwae Yai River will focus on the river. which has a variety of formats and prices for tourists to choose from As for important tourist attractions, there are both historical themes. And many other natural landscapes such as Erawan Waterfall National Park Bridge over the River Kwai Salakpra Wildlife Sanctuary

Kwai Noi River It is another important river. Caused by 3 large sources of water coming together, namely The Songkalia, Rantee and Big Biki Rivers, where the Kwai Noi River itself flows through Sai Yok National Park. and then gradually converge with the Si Sawat River (Khwae Yai River), which must be said that this zone is considered another zone that is a gathering source. Kanchanaburi waterfront accommodation with beautiful views because the resort Many of them are located along the river in Sai Yok district. Allowing tourists to experience the atmosphere that is very close to nature. with the main attractions In the Kwai Noi River zone, there are many waterfalls and Sai Yok National Park. death railway Wat Hat Ngio, which has a wooden bridge over the Kwai Noi River. Muang Sing Historical Park, etc. There are also many water activities to relax. Whether it’s rafting or kayaking.

songkalia river This strangely named river is regarded as the cultural center of many ethnic groups, with the word “Song Ka Lia” in the Mon language meaning “over there”. Be it Thai, Mon, Burmese or Karen people. The Songkalia River originates from Thung Yai Naresuan, Huai Rokee, and because it has been with the community for a long time, therefore there are various types of tourist attractions to accommodate visitors. As for travel and accommodation in Kanchanaburi by the river along Songkalia. Usually in Sangkhlaburi district Since this river will divide Sangkhla Buri into two sides together, there are many important tourist attractions such as the Mon Bridge, Huai Song Karia. (Songkaria water play area) Songkalia waterfall Wat Wang Wiwekaram (Underwater Temple) In addition to visiting tourist attractions Don’t forget to visit the riverside life of the Mon people, which gives us a good insight into the local culture as well.

Srinakarin Dam although not a natural source of water But it is very beautiful and interesting. The Srinakarin Dam is located in Si Sawat District. It is the largest rockfill dam with a clay core in the country. Completed in the year 1980, it has also been appointed as the 38th national park in Thailand. With an area of more than 953,500 rai, which covers the districts of Sai Yok, Si Sawat and Thong Pha Phum, making the park a wide area and very natural. in the part of the dam In addition to creating benefits in terms of utilities This dam is also an interesting recreational area. Each year there are hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting ever. Importantly, there are still places to stop overnight at Srinakarin Dam. Kanchanaburi waterfront accommodation Many places to support visitors Some of the accommodations come in the style of a Maldives resort. There are many tourist attractions nearby, such as the Sundial, Memorial Park, Peace Railway, Phra That Cave, Huay Mae Khamin Waterfall. In addition, for those who like to do activities You can go hiking in the park area. or go sailing Rafting is also possible.

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